House Listings Simplified

Do away with the traditional pen & paper sign-ins and manually tracking open house information - its time to get Philter!

With a seamless MLS integration, your listing data is easily uploaded into a Philter listing that allows you to electronically gain seller property disclosure information, manage listings and view valuable prospective buyer feedback.

Desktop features

For agents and agencies

Listing Management System

Create, view, track and manage Philter open house listings.

Save Time

Create open house material faster and save your office admin time.

Buyer Visibility

See who is attending your open houses and gain valuable feedback from potential buyers.

MLS Integration

Integration with MLS, pull in MLS data into your Philter open house listing.

Personalized Feedback

Create property feedback questions for real time buyer sentiment.


Create and save listing templates to easily create future listings.

Info

Prospective buyer information such as: Buyer's Full Name, E-Mail, Phone Number, Full Address, Pre Approval Info, Agents Name and Company is automatically saved into the web UI.

Reduce Paper Cost

Reduce paper & ink costs by getting rid of traditional printed house pamphlets.

Managing open house listings has never been easier!

App features

For house buyers

Automatic Sign In

We remove the manual sign in process - no more pen and paper sign ins!


Buyers can leave feedback for questions that are created by the Agent.

Paperless Listings

Listings are saved digitally to the buyers iOS or Android App. No more wasted paper.

Agent Contact

Buyers can easily contact the listing agent by phone or email right from the app.


Buyers can compare open houses they have seen.


Philter integrates with MLS to easily display listing information.

Nearby Amenities

Ability for buyers to see nearby amenities of the open house listing.

Additional House Details

View more information including more accurate monthly costs.

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Subscription plans

For a personalized subscription plan, pleasen contact us.

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